Why You Need Infrared Building Inspections

Why You Need Infrared Building Inspections


As the saying goes, “there is more to what meets the eyes.” This is a perfect explanation as to why you need to have a building or property inspected before you purchase it. What your eyes only see are the perfectly designed rooms, colourful paintings and exquisite architectural styles and all other beautiful things that will convince you to buy the house. However, you need to look beyond the exterior beauty to see whether the home is worth it or not. This is where infrared building inspection comes into play.

Infrared inspection is an essential service for potential buyers to know the actual condition of a building and its real value. This technology uses a thermal imaging device which uses infrared, which is a non-destructive method that aids the building inspector to identify defective areas that are difficult to be seen by the naked eye.

The infrared inspection also identifies defective areas which other conventional inspection methods cannot identify. Of course, nobody can see beyond a wall using naked eyes, but with the use of infrared technology, the contractor can identify moisture, thermal changes, leaks and the presence of destructive bugs such as termites.

This type of building inspection is vital because of the different seasonal changes and climatic changes throughout most parts of the country. Other than potential buyers, property managers and sellers can also take advantage of this type of inspection technology. With this, sellers able to detect problems of the property and make the necessary changes before putting the property up for sale. As for property managers, building inspections play a significant role in preventing problems from occurring while a building is still under construction. A building inspector can help out in terms of storm waters, structural design issues and electrical concerns.

Here are some of the problems that can be identified using infrared building inspection technology;

Electrical concerns

  • loss of energy
  • Faulty circuit breakers which need replacement
  • Wirings that can cause a fire
  • Insulation deficiency

Problems in your electrical system are identified using IR imaging.
Floors, ceilings, walls, doors and windows

  • Insulations whether they are wet, missing or damaged
  • Loss of infiltration and heat between ceilings or walls
  • Presence of moisture or water that can cause moulds
  • Pests infestations like rodents and termites

Plumbing systems

  • A leaky water pipe or roof
  • Plumbing leaks

Other problems that can be identified using an infrared inspection technology are;

  • Damaged radiant heating systems
  • Dangerous flue leaks
  • Overheated equipment
  • Energy loss and efficiency
  • Missing framing components
  • Leaks in your air conditioner compressor
  • Broken seals in your double pane windows
  • Structural defects

These are just but a few problems which can easily be identified using an infrared technology system. You should also always ask for a detailed report of a building inspection.

An infrared building inspection can detect even a lot more problems in a building. Indeed, all buildings inspections cannot do without this feature. If you are set to sell or purchase your dream house, make sure you hire a building inspection company to do the inspection job for you.

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